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Our vision 

In today's fast-paced world Mike and Gina decided to found Pirouni.Pirouni, means fork, an element that can be found in every table when preparing for dinner in almost every place all around the world! For Greeks though, it's all about food! Families and friends are gathering regularly together and there's always food involved in any occasion, offering limitless options of dishes in generous portions of food! There's no way you're leaving a gathering like this hungry! Influenced by all the above, Gina, the head chef, who is specializing in Greek cuisine, with 20 years of experience as a cook and Mike with his knowledge in hospitality management, have decided to combine their strengths and found Pirouni Greek street food.Pirouni's values are: the freshness, the flavors, and the Greek hospitality which translates as filoxenia.By keeping these values intact, we can promise you a total Greek food experience when eating from Pirouni! 

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